Monday 27 February 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and I have been sitting in my sun-drenched craft room over the weekend bathing in the warmth and fragrance of 1kg's worth of Yorkshire-grown dried lavender from Lavenderworld and making a ridiculous amount of lavender pouches. Here are a few to give you the idea:

I really like how they turned out so I made a tutorial showing you how to make them too...

Lavender Pyramid Tutorial

To make one of these little guys you need two squares of fabric, a piece of ribbon and a handful of dried lavender. (My squares are around 8cm x 8cm and my ribbon is also 8cm long.)

Start by placing a fabric square right side up on your work surface. Fold your ribbon piece in half and pin it diagonally to the top left corner of the fabric piece. Make sure your pin isn't too close to the corner  so you don't damage your needle when sewing around later...

Place the second fabric square right side down on top of the first square and pin the right hand edge of this sandwich.

Take the sandwich to your sewing machine and run a straight stitch from the bottom left corner up, across, and down to the bottom right corner. (I line up the edge of my presser foot with the fabric edge as my seam allowance.) 

You've sewn three sides, make sure you leave the bottom side open for now. Clip the corners and if you want to be extra secure then run a zig zag stitch around as well to fix those raw edges.

Now open out the bottom and match the seams. Remove your ribbon pin from inside and use it to pin the opening in place. Sew in a little way in from either corner leaving a small opening in the middle.

Flip the whole thing right side out. Poke out the corners for a crisp finish. Turn opening edges under.

Fashion a cone from a square piece of paper and tape in place. Use it to fill the pouch with lavender.

When it's full, hand sew the opening closed with a whipstitch.

Admire your little pyramid...

And make some more:

Put them in your drawers, wardrobe, bathroom, work desk, car or under your pillow. Anywhere! Or carry one in your handbag to help you de-stress on your way to and from work. They are so soothing and really do help you to relax and unwind.

If you like the idea but don't have time to make these yourself then I have lots of little trios of lavender pyramids available in both my Etsy and Folksy shops. They make beautiful little gifts, perhaps for Mother's Day or as a non-chocolatey Easter treat alternative? 

Hope you liked this tutorial! 

Love Leanne xx
Chi Chi Dee Handmade


  1. Lovely. I have 2 huge lavendar plants. I'm making a wreath right now. Maybe I'll have some left over for these sweet things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Soooo lovely, soooo simple, i love it, i love it, i love it.... thank you for sharing!!!

  3. You're welcome and thanks for your comments! (Good luck with the wreath Donna, sounds fun) xx

  4. I love this tutorial and plan to make some of these as soon as my lavender arrives in the post :-)

    1. Cool! Good luck with it. It's great when the lavender arrives and you open the box for the first time. It's as pleasing as opening a fresh pack of coffee. One of life's simple pleasures :o) enjoy! xx

  5. This is great - they look so wonderful! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

    1. Thank you Usch! Happy you like them and glad to share :o) xx

  6. I loved it so much I made 50 of them to offer as favors for people who came visit my newborn baby. Thank you for the tutorial it is perfect! If you want to see mine, here they are:

    1. hello! i have only just now seen this message - i am so sorry for the late reply! i've just looked at the pictures on your blog and they are amazing!!! your family and friends are very lucky, thanks for sharing xxx

    2. what a great idea. I am having surgery soon (total knee replacement) and will hand these out to the friends who come to see me while I recuperate. Love the idea.

  7. These are adorable - thanks for sharing.

  8. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I'm planning on making some of these for Xmas :)


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