Thursday 24 May 2012

Sad Happiness?

Is it really sad that the highlight of my day was receiving a package of fabrics in the mail? I was so happy I thanked the postman profusely, to which he replied, "Lady, it's what I'm paid for".

Undeterred, I sprawled a signature on his electronic thingie and rushed upstairs to behold this understated beauty:

First peeks:

And behold!

checked, black, leopard 
red lycra, navy, retro yellow stripes

vanilla, mocha with black stripes

sandstone, tribal, cranberry
stack of amazingness

this is what amazingness looks like close up


The endless possibilities! The mint and teal ones at the top of this last stack I actually got from my local craft shop yesterday. Here's what I made from them last night.

Check back soon to see what I make with the other fabrics - I'm especially excited about that tribal one! 

Love Leanne xx

By the way, this is what the laundry/sweatshop looks like behind the scenes...

Fabric drying inside

Fabric drying outside

Oops, I didn't tidy up, no magazine showrooms here ;o)

1 comment:

  1. Those fabrics looks so wonderful. I need to go fabric shopping!


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