Sunday 15 July 2012

Great British Makers Competition

Exciting news! I'm part of the Great British Makers Competition being run by Seek and Adore. If you're feeling especially lovely you can vote for me, Leanne Garrity, here and don't forget to check out all the clever British designer-makers also in the running. To vote, all you need to do is follow the link above and click the Facebook 'like' button in my listing. Thank you! xx


  1. Good luck!
    Really looking forward to getting my head scarf.. I ordered about an hour ago and then blogged:

    Anna x

  2. Thank you Anna! Awesome feature :o) You are the best xxx

  3. had a look but couldn't see your name! looked twice, maybe it's too early!!

    1. hello! thanks for your message and interest :o)
      yes, i can't find me anymore either! thanks for bringing it to my attention, i've emailed them now to look into it. thank you!!! xx


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