Thursday 14 February 2013

Dip Dye Extreme

The snows have melted to mush and I just saw cherry blossoms blooming on a tree in the park. And today was the first time in ages when outside didn't make me want to go back inside! Admittedly
it may be a false alarm but somewhere behind the blanket-clouds I feel that Spring is ready to dazzle.

This week I'm all about colour. Vibrant, happy ones. So I've taken to dip-dying anything white I can scrounge from my humble abode. Here is some crochet cotton I intend to make into sugar-starched bowls:

This is my curtain. This picture reminds me of a frothy waterfall tumbling into a deep blue (apparently Bahaman, according to the dye label) pond.

Here it is again, backdropping a stitched paper garland I just made for an upcoming issue of Gathered Magazine:

Not even the pillow cases escaped the treatment. They were so dull and tired looking before, but now they are purely glacial.

And I've just made a batch of scarves for the shop...

What do you think? xx

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