Saturday, 19 October 2013

DIY Baby Appliqué Onsies

I recently was given a set of cute baby clothes. Score! The only problem was that they had an unattractive and random logo sewn smack bang to the front of each and every item. Boo. To cover them up, I decided to try a bit of appliqué, and have since been customising practically each and every item in Baby's wardrobe! Here's how you can do this yourself.


• Scrap woven fabric or felt 
• Fusible interfacing
• Template of your appliqué shape
• Fabric adhesive


This is what the front looked like after I unpicked the badge. I thought it was a shame to leave the punctured fabric exposed, so I set about sketching some cute little shapes that were not too fiddly so they would be easy to sew.

 I came up with a whale shape (no coincidence there, at 8 months now I believe I have just about transitioned from walrus to whale status).
Iron your fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the appliqué fabric. Pin your template to the right side of fabric and cut out. Apply a little fabric adhesive to the back of your appliqué shape and position onto the garment in the spot you want.

Put your sewing machine onto a satin stitch (a tight zigzag stitch). This is what the settings on my machine looked like.

Tip: it's also important to iron some fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the garment behind the appliqué patch, to stabilise the fabric and avoid distortion (puckering) when you sew. 

This is what an appliqué looks like on the wrong side of the fabric. After sewing, trim away the interfacing that lies outside of the sewing line, to give you a nice neat finish.

And here's some more appliqué inspiration for you, enjoy!


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