Friday 25 May 2012


My sister is preggers, big time. Whilst eagerly awaiting the now-fashionably-late little miss, she has not allowed herself to grow idle. She's used the opportunity to really get her craft on, with some impressive results.

Check out these funky booties she's crafted to make sure her bub steps out in style - amazing! Following a pattern from Mollie Makes Magazine, she whipped these up using felt, fleece and some serious embroidery technique. So clever!

We've been enjoying the recent London heatwave with some balcony action. After the long climb up my three flights of stairs, Sis got the star treatment (propped with cushions, feet on stool, fan a-blasting, icy lemonade...) but that was nothing compared to the treat I got when she pulled these out of the box to show me.

Well done Kim!

So come on baby, what are you waiting for? You've got some serious hot-steppin' to do!

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