Sunday 29 September 2013

5 Minute DIY: Fabric Picture

Here's a DIY you can knock out in just a few minutes. A really simple and inexpensive way to decorate bare walls using materials you probably have lying around at home. A great quick fix!!!

Friday 20 September 2013

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger Tutorial

These simple hanging pot plant holders are a really effective way to add a focal point to an otherwise blank corner, helping to introduce different levels of interest to your home decor. I like how the minimalistic natural wood, whites and desaturated greens stylishly transition the sometimes-dowdy Macrame fad of the 1970's effortlessly into the 21st century.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Cute Baby Leggings!

I've been obsessing over baby leggings recently and here are some of the results. These are really basic to make and great for using up smaller scraps of knit jersey fabric, of which I have oodles in my stash as a byproduct of my shop... I tried to stick to gender-neutral colours and prints as well as using an array of different weight/stretch fabrics to see what I liked best (super stretchy wins in the end). Some have elastic in the waistband but I actually prefer without. I'm going to wait until bub has arrived though so I can put them to the test to see if they actually stay up!

Tuesday 17 September 2013

DIY String Lamp

I mentioned in my last post that Germans take their light fittings with them when they move out of a flat (!!!). Luckily for me, I love a good DIY challenge, so rather than spending a small fortune on lighting for 6 rooms plus hallways, I took the opportunity to try out a self-made string lampshade. It cost under 10 Euros for all the materials (with which you can make around 4 lamps), and it was a lot of fun to make. I love the intricate pattern that the criss-crossing of the string forms, and the shadow play cast on the walls.

Fun Furniture Finds

Fave flea market find to date: Gypsy-inspired chest of drawers... 

I recently moved from London to the Bavarian Alps. The main difference between renting in London vs Germany? Germans take everything with them when they move out! Whereas in London you can expect to find a flat at least partially furnished with white goods, bed, cupboards, couch etc, the Germans strip the place bare. I'm talking no shower attachment or shower curtain, no kitchen stove, fridge or washing machine, no curtain rails and no light fittings! What the???!

Some recent commissions for Mollie Makes Magazine

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