Tuesday 17 September 2013

Fun Furniture Finds

Fave flea market find to date: Gypsy-inspired chest of drawers... 

I recently moved from London to the Bavarian Alps. The main difference between renting in London vs Germany? Germans take everything with them when they move out! Whereas in London you can expect to find a flat at least partially furnished with white goods, bed, cupboards, couch etc, the Germans strip the place bare. I'm talking no shower attachment or shower curtain, no kitchen stove, fridge or washing machine, no curtain rails and no light fittings! What the???!

We're expecting our first baby boy at the end of the year, so part of the reason we moved to the German countryside is so that we could escape the urban crush and have more space for our growing family. The flip side of this newfound luxurious room to roam is that we all of a sudden had so many rooms to furnish.

Luckily, people here have a penchant for 'new' things, which means they regularly declutter their 'old' junk (read: priceless vintage finds that would sell for an arm and a leg in the city). So thankfully we were given some beautiful pieces of furniture, like this 1929 wardrobe (also came with a matching dresser and bedside table) and bar, which I repainted in a teal-y turquoise blue to match. Am also in love with this mini Gypsy chest of drawers, which we found at a local flea market for 30 euros. Love a good bargain!


  1. Lookin' good! Loving the classic Bavarian styles. space! makes our place feel like a shoebox ;-)

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    I love your work and your blog. I'm one of your customers. I've bought you a custom kindle cover, a sewing case and a pincushion. I love all of them and think about how nice and talented you are each time I use them. :)

    In France it's almost the same. Most of the flats are rented without furnitures. Sometimes there's only a sink in the kitchen but most of the times there is at least some kitchen furnitures. No rules about this.
    You also can rent some flats furnished as you describe in London but it's not that common.

    I love your new-old furnitures! I found it to be a great way to give some soul to a new home.

    Remember I told I planned to open my own Etsy shop? I did it!
    If you want to take a look at it: kraftille.etsy.com
    I'm selling my letterpress cards and my hand carved rubber stamps.

    1. Thanks Sophie! I have just sent you a reply via email. Now I'm off to check out your beautiful new website: http://kraftille.fr/

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