Friday 20 September 2013

DIY Macrame Pot Hanger Tutorial

These simple hanging pot plant holders are a really effective way to add a focal point to an otherwise blank corner, helping to introduce different levels of interest to your home decor. I like how the minimalistic natural wood, whites and desaturated greens stylishly transition the sometimes-dowdy Macrame fad of the 1970's effortlessly into the 21st century.

To make one of these yourself, you'll need:

A wooden ring
4 strands of yarn, twice the length you want your finished pot holder to be
A plant in a pot


Thread the four strands of yarn evenly through the ring and knot. Separate the 8 strands into four pairs.

Measure down to the point where you want your pot plant to hang and knot the yarn pairs.
Now knot each strand with a partner from the neighbouring pair.
 Don't forget to knot the furthest left and right strands together too, so you are essentially creating a ring of knots.
Repeat this process once more.
Then knot all the ends together and trim tails.
Insert your pot plant into this string network you've just created and hang from a hook in the ceiling.



  1. This page is so awesome - I made three fabulous pot-plant holders last night and I LOVE THEM!! Can't wait to make more. Thanks for your easy to follow instructions. Only thing I found was that I needed much more length than the 'twice the length' you suggested - used about 10m of cord all up for a <1m long hanger.

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  3. Gorgeous! I love hanging plants and lots of them :)


  4. I love the pictures, those turned out great! I would love to hang some plants in pots like that around my house. I feel like plants bring such a positive energy into my home, so I like to incorporate them however and wherever I can. How much money did you end up spending on those pots? They're super cute.
    Megan |

  5. Just followed your instructions and made myself a great little plant holder for my 'string of pearls' succulent, it's exactly as I wanted it to be, the right length and colour, only cost pennies and took just half an hour to make, thanks very much, now I can't wait to make more! : )

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  7. Nice post!
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  10. Thank you for this!! Really great!!

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  14. Marvellous! I love hanging plants and my terrace is loaded with these. I will definitely going to craft this one too. I am an online class helper and spend all time at home so I need to stay refreshed and plants make me happy and calm!


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