Friday 8 June 2012

Crazy-Cushion-Cover-Commission-Completed! CHUFFED!

Phew! They look like an innocent stack but these babies have really put me to the test over the last couple of weeks. In amongst the regular work routine, I've been washing and drying and ironing and taping and painting and painting and fanning and ironing and sewing and ironing again, over and over and over.

Last night was another late night session stooped over my little workstation painting away like an elf before Christmas listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Ella Fitzgerald to get me through the hours. Needless to say I am in the tail end of a trance-like stupor and in serious need of an episode of The Sopranos and a chocolate eclair to sort me out.

I'm tired, steamy-faced with hair a-frazzled, but mostly I'm relieved to have (finally!) finished this commission of my graphic print range of cushion covers. I made them using the taped and hand-painted technique I showed you lovely readers how to do on my blog last year.

The cushion covers are heading to their new home in Amsterdam - a lovely quirky boutique called Het Grote Avontuur. (Check out their website - it has colourful dancing flying clogs!)

I added a fourth colour and pattern to the bunch upon the request of Anna from Het Grote Avontuur. It's the dark red chevron, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Can't wait to use the same pattern again but maybe in a duck egg blue. I'm also planning to do some tote bags too, so be sure to check out my shop in the coming weeks!

For now I just wanted to share a few pics of the process and results. Bye!


  1. They look amazing! Looks like a lot of hard work but definitely worth it!

  2. They are fabulous! I love the design.

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