Thursday 6 December 2012

My Handmade Christmas Wish List!

Ok so at AUD $230 this Kantha quilt is out of my price range but I love how this Aussie company, Fossikstyles these vibrant quilts in a bright and fresh setting teamed with circles and polka dots. 

These quilts are handmade by local artisans of the Thar region in India. I love the simple elegance of the sometimes loose and uneven running stitch used to tack these quilts together. Often they are made from recycled saris. They can be used as a bedspread or couch throw.


Maybe I'm going through an Asian-inspired prints phase and craving the summer but I keep imagining floating elegantly around the house in a short silky hand-painted kimono rather than in my mis-matched pyjama tracksuit 
and oversized woollen socks clutching a hot water bottle! Can you blame me?

I would love to be treated to some artisan hand-spun yarn! Like this sumptuous merino-bamboo-silk blend by TactileDactyl whose tagline is 'touch my awesome'. 'Nuff said. I can image clicking this into a lacy fabric on wooden needles. Mmm. 

Did you know that a girl can never have enough pairs of leggings?I've been an admirer of Latvian duo ZIBtextile since they launched their Etsy shop back 
in February. Their line is quirky and fresh, specialising in hand-printed leggings, tops and accessories. Their photo shoots look kooky and fun (you could throw 
those yarn-bombed headphones into the Christmas stocking while you're at it!)


Not technically 'handmade' but there is a hand in the picture, doesn't that count?! No Christmas list would be complete without an adorable puppy. This guy reminds me of my favourite childhood toy and would fit into my matchbox-sized London flat nicely. I know I know. Don't wanna coop the poor fella up. But that's why it's called a 'wish' list! What do you want for Christmas? 


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