Thursday 14 February 2013

I Love Old Books

The smell, the texture of the well-thumbed pages, the dog-ears and notes in the margin; nothing beats a well-loved old book.

This one was a 29th birthday present from a Bric-a-Brac shed in Dulwich, which my lovely former housemates gifted me along with an amazing collection of assorted vintage buttons. They know me so well.

Where do I start with this book? It is awesome in so many ways. The front cover is pretty kitch and gears you up for the bizarre.

There are some fab patterns inside with vintage-revival appeal, such as the fez hat, turban, collars and cuffs. I love how these ladies are rocking their hair wraps:

There is a solid section on cables with a nice little illustrated history-lesson in a double page spread:

There's also a 're-making and making do' section that speaks to my heart, jam-packed with creative ways to jazz up saggy-baggy moth-bitten jumpers into banging new threads.

The book wraps up with an informative techniques section that is brought to life by an entourage of creepy-cool yarn characters. These are a few of my personal favourites:

This is how we roll on the continent...

Love this guy's pep.

Yes, they did.

Long-johns and cardies and vests, oh my!

Do you have a favourite old book? xx

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