Saturday 13 April 2013

Friday Fun: Felt and Fimo

This was my Friday, on a plate. I know it appears that I am 7 years old, but this is, indeed, what I currently do for a living!
You'll be able to see the tutorials for these felt ice cream brooches, lovebird wedding cake toppers and a monogramed necklace pendant in upcoming issues of Gathered Magazine by Mollie Makes.


  1. I love fimo but can never really bake it hard enough without burning it?! I still have a nike trainer (keyring) and some pumpkin earrings I made as a teen. You can tell how oldskool they are buy the design of the trainer!!!

    I love your birdies and the simple pendent too x

    1. Hiya! Thanks for your message!

      Yes I know what you mean about getting the 'bake' just right! I had to leave it them in longer than it said on the packet and even still they have a little bit of flex to them. Next time I try again I'll bake for longer still and see how that goes.

      Oh wow, your Nike trainer sounds so awesome–you should definitely revive it! Was that around the time it was cool to have the tongue pulled right out and sticking up? That's how I wore mine... ;o) Lol! xx


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