Friday 29 March 2013

Diy Galaxy T-shirt

You've seen it now you'd better believe it. Galaxy prints are back in! Previously only to be found on the backs of die-hard Dungeons and Dragons tournament attendees or hanging in musty new age shops between the wizard posters and dream catchers. But...!

Any excuse to take paint to fabric and I'm in. Plus, I actually really like how it turned out! Here's how I did it:

You'll need a plain black t-shirt. I made this one myself but just grab whatever you have to hand.

You'll also need heat-set fabric paints and an assortment of brushes/sponges/sticks/any other tools to apply the paint with. Plus, some bleach and, if you like, a spritzy spray bottle.

I diluted some bleach with water and squirted it on. Then I just grabbed the bottle and squeezed it on neat. Leave for a few hours to do it's thing (I did it in the bath), then wash thoroughly and hang to dry.

Set up your painting area and get to work! Apply colour sparingly in circular motions and build up the pigment to get your nebula look. Use lots of different colours like blue, purple, pink, yellow, green and even dark grey. Using a round brush helps to get that cloudy effect. Use flat brushes to do
elliptical orbits and swirly patterns.

Now for the fun bit! Using a toothbrush, load up with white paint and flick to get a smattering of stars. Use yellow and other bright colours too for a more dynamic star-scape. Make pulsar stars by dabbing a blob of paint and using a stick (or knitting needle in my case!) to drag out the 'flashes'. You can do shooting stars in the same way.

Allow your t-shirt to dry then heat set paint with an iron. Behold 
the infinite awesomeness of your cosmic creation. Simply stellar.


  1. Ooh, looks fab! Think I'll attempt it myself.

    1. Awesome! Go for it :o) Feel free to post pics of the results on my Facebook page, I would love to see! xx

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  3. this is beautiful, which paint did you use please? thanks so much

  4. Thanks Het! I used Dylon brand fabric paints, but whatever you can find at your local supplier should do the trick. Helps if they dry soft. I had to heat set mine but I think there are some that don't need this step. The paints intended to be used on dark fabrics tend to cost more, but I just used the ones for light fabric and the result turned out ok too :o)

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