Sunday 24 March 2013

How to make: an ornament tree

I woke up this morning and looked out onto my balcony with a start. For a moment there I thought the flowers were blooming but alas, it was just the snow covered leaves glistening in the watery light.

Determined not to let the dreary skies get the better of me, I settled down to a bit of indoor gardening.

I trimmed some branches from my sad looking tree and fished an empty juice bottle out of the recycling. Then, taking inspiration from a tutorial by Helena, Mollie Makes editor, that I saw in issue 20 
of Gathered magazine, I painted it in my favourite duck egg blue. (Click the link to download a copy of Gathered to see how it's done!) So therapeutic! I rummaged for around for some more jam jars in
the kitchen cupboard and then painted them in complimentary colours.

Once the paint had dried, I filled the  glassware with branches. I think this would make a really cool display for a wicked washi tape collection:
Otherwise you can hang your handmade ornaments from it to pretty up your space.
What would you hang from your indoor tree?

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