Tuesday 14 May 2013

Pin it!

I've been getting really into Pinterest lately as a way of collecting and archiving all the inspiring things I see all around the web. Gone are the days of bookmarking it would seem; really good news for me because I never knew which folder I ended up saving things to anyway!

The visual focus of Pinterest definitely makes it attractive, inviting and easy to navigate (and easy to get lost in for hours on end). I have different boards to cater to a variety of things that float my boat, such as inspiring fabric prints, clever home storage ideas, cool handmade products from fellow indie designer-makers and paying hommage to my obsession with leggings

I also have boards dedicated to my own products, a sort of categorised look book. I find that many people actually find me through Pinterest, so it seems like a really good marketing tool for independent sellers. But my favourite board is the one where I share my DIY tutorial ideas. I've found so much inspiration for my creative endeavours though the online realm over the years, so being able to contribute some of my own ideas is a nice way to give back.

If you use Pinterest too, I'd love you to drop by and follow me. Or if you're new to all this then you can quickly and easily register here

This post was part of the Pin It Forward UK campaign, where bloggers  from around the country were invited to share their inspiration behind why they use Pinterest. Big thanks for inviting me to take part, and now onto the next blogger in the chain: the lovely Amelia aka The Little Tailoress. On her blog she shares her beautiful sewing projects, other crafty musings  and some fantastic tutorials on how to sew bound button holes, make French seams and adapt vintage sewing patterns. Well worth checking out!

Pin It Forward UK 2013


  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Leanne! All your tutorials look amazing. I particularly like your "Ornament Tree" project! Also, what a great idea to dedicate a board to fabric prints that inspire you. Veronique, Community Coordinator

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