Thursday 22 August 2013

Baby Soft Blocks

These soft blocks make a great play toy for babies and little kiddies. They love to throw and catch them, build them into towers and knock them down again. Especially fun is just leaning on them and falling into them like a stack of pillows. Always fun no matter what, and the best thing is that you can't break them. Win win!

Here are some I made recently as part of my niece's 1st Birthday present. They are really quick and easy to make, here's how I made mine...

What you need:

• Six squares of fabric, choose any size you like. Opt for bright, bold colours with plenty of contrast to stimulate little baby eyes. I also chose to include a tactile fabric for 2 sides of each block as the kiddies love exploring the textures. Towelling, corduroy and sweater jersey all work well.
• A bag of Polyfil stuffing

Start by cutting and arranging the squares into the shape of a cross. Then begin to sew the edges together to form the cube.

If you've never done this before it might help to construct a little model out of paper first. It may seem tricky at first but you'll soon piece it together. When you get to the last edge, leave a gap to turn.

Flip the cube right side out and use a knitting needle to push the corners into points. If you wish to be really precise you could press the seams to get nice crisp edges.

Stuff the cube with a good amount of Polyfil, then add a bit more.

When you're happy with how it's looking, whipstitch the opening closed by hand.

Now make some more. Good things come in threes...

These make such cute baby shower, birthday or newborn gifts and they are the perfect project to use up all those mix n match fabrics in your stash.

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