Wednesday 18 September 2013

Cute Baby Leggings!

I've been obsessing over baby leggings recently and here are some of the results. These are really basic to make and great for using up smaller scraps of knit jersey fabric, of which I have oodles in my stash as a byproduct of my shop... I tried to stick to gender-neutral colours and prints as well as using an array of different weight/stretch fabrics to see what I liked best (super stretchy wins in the end). Some have elastic in the waistband but I actually prefer without. I'm going to wait until bub has arrived though so I can put them to the test to see if they actually stay up!
After a recent ultrasound, our Doctor revealed that our baby has 'longer than average legs'(!), which doesn't really come as a surprise to us as we are both pretty giant-esque. So I made a few pairs of these leggings a bit longer to see how they end up fitting. Anyway, am pleased with the results! I'm hoping to develop a kiddies range for the shop for next year, so this is just the beginning of the developmental phase...

To make your own, all you need to do is use an existing pair of leggings you like the fit of to get the pattern for your fabric, then cut 2 pieces. Sew the individual leg seams RST, turn one leg right side out, pop it inside the other leg, align the leg seams, pin, then sew the entire crotch seam in one fell swoop. Finish by hemming the top and bottoms using the method that you prefer.Proper tutorial with pics to follow soon, until then, here's a sneaky peak to get some inspiration... 

Oh, and you can cut rounded bottoms instead to get super cute tights...eek!

Which ones are your favourites? xx


  1. These are so cute! <3 I would LOVE it if you could do a tutorial for this one I would be really grateful ! thanks x

  2. Glad you like them :o) I will try my very best to do a tutorial soon, stay tuned... xx

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