Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Some recent commissions for Mollie Makes Magazine

 In issue 30 and 31 of Mollie Makes Magazine I show you how to make a dip-dye ombre kimono as well as a cute pin cushion and needle case set using pretty Liberty print fabrics. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Leanne, I saw your tutorials in mollie makes and I love the kimono I've never made my own clothes but have been trying to work up to doing something (daunting haha) could you please give me some advice as to what type of fabric to buy ....is there any particular kind of cotton I should be looking for to make this please?


    1. Hi Hester,

      Glad you like the Kimono! It's a good beginner project so shouldn't be too daunting :o)
      Choose a lightweight fabric, something that feels soft and floaty against your skin. Also good if it doesn't crease too much. Doesn't have to be cotton, but maybe that would be easiest to handle and sew (more so than silk/chiffon/Georgette type fabrics, which can be really slippery to work with).

      Good luck and feel free to send me pics or post to my Facebook page :o)

      Best wishes,

      Leanne xx

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