Thursday 12 April 2012

My Top Tips For Selling Your Knitting

Moss Stich Knit Cowl

I was recently contacted by a writer for a knitting magazine asking me if I had any top tips for people who are thinking of starting to sell their knitting, either to raise money for charity or just to make a bit of extra cash to help out during those lean times. It turns out I have learnt a thing or two about selling my handmade goodies over the years (mostly through trial and error)! So I thought I would share my ideas here too :o)

Also available in cream

Also available in cranberry

Here are my top tips for successfully selling knitted items:

1. Take great photographs. Wait for a bright sunny day and use natural lighting. Display small products against a simple backdrop like a curved piece of white card. Take close-ups to convey the texture of the item. Also put the item in context by displaying on a model or a dress form. Show the buyer how to wear the item. Digitally enhance your photos by using a photo editing software like Photoshop. Take your photos and edit them in batches to save time.

2. Knit products seasonally. Use wools in the winter and cottons in the warmer months. No point focussing your energy on trying to sell chunky knits in the middle of summer (although you may make some overseas sales...).

3. Be original. Use your own creative eye and unique ideas to come up with exciting new products that you don't see everywhere. It will make your products special and unforgettable.

4. Don't skimp on the materials. Good quality yarn is nicer to work with and produces a better result. Invest in a decent pair of needles that will make knitting a dream and mean that you can produce items more enjoyably and efficiently. I use these, they are my absolute faves!

Addi circular knitting needles

5. Stick to a colour palette for batches of items. If you are going to be displaying your wares side by side at a market or in an online shop then you want to make sure they sit harmoniously together to entice and engage potential customers.

6. Make an item available in a selection of colours. A customer may love your design but be concerned that the particular shade wont go with anything in their wardrobe. Give them a choice so they are more likely to find something suitable for them.

These would be my main bits of advice, hope this helps anyone who's thinking of starting to sell their knitting!

Love Leanne xx
Chi Chi Dee Handmade


  1. You make me almost take it up. But I can use your tips for knitting words, too :)

  2. Great advice that I think would work for most handcrafted items. Your moss cowl is gorgeous and your gorgeous photos really do show the textures beautifully - I just want to touch them!x

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  4. I can use your tips for knitting, Thanks for sharing. More Info: Online Selling Tips


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