Thursday 12 April 2012

New Fabrics!!!

Red with Fat White Polka Dot

I'm very exited about the new fabrics I have in stock! I ordered them online from Tissue Fabrics.
They do free UK delivery for orders over £50 and I'm really happy with everything I ordered from them :o) 

Pink Jelly Cells

French Blue and White Stripe

Navy and White Stripe

I'm taking advantage of the intermittent sunny spells today to pre-wash and air dry some of the fabrics. Since most fabrics shrink the first time you wash them it's always a good idea to pre-wash fabrics before you start sewing with them. You know when you buy a new piece of clothing and it looks great the first time you wear it but after you wash it it never fits the same way again? It's because mass produced stuff often doesn't take into account this important step in garment construction :o(

Ooh, the possibilities...

So check back soon to see what I make out of this lot. I'm thinking some funky pairs of leggings, reversible tote bags with braided handles and some new varieties of headbands for my shops.

Gotta run, it's just started raining, lol! 
Love Leanne xx

1 comment:

  1. Hope you managed to get them all dried up despite the weather!!! :)


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